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Survival Mobile10000 BC 0.1.799 APK Download Free Latest Version YottaGames
Apk Name : Survival Mobile:10,000 BC
Version : 0.1.799
Requires Android : Android 2.3.2+
By : YottaGames
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Description of Survival Mobile:10,000 BC :

★★Strategy Mobile Game of Stone Age. Explore the continents with players worldwide!★★
☆Hunt ancient beast, experience the most primitive hunting carnival!
☆Collect resources, train Warriors, explore relics, conquer clans, be the most honored Arch-Chief!
☆Ally, plunder, expand, occupy. Non within the primitive clan can be trusted! Only those who are both brave and resourceful could dominate the continent!
☆Grand Opening of the one and only worldwide server.

★ ★ Classic Features★ ★ 
☆☆Real-time Strategy Assembling☆☆
Organize clan mates, assemble ancient beast, awaken your latent leadership and lead warriors in an expedition towards Arch-Chief.

☆☆HD Unity3D Game Engine. Excellent Graphics☆☆
High scale panoramic map zooming. Players can fully visualize each and every aspect within the map.

☆☆Global Server! Players of different nations compete intensively for ancient relics, in pursue of the Arch-Chief’s honor! ☆☆
Arcane ancient relics, treasure of endless wealth. Weather you hail from the great eastern lands or the vast west, join a clan and you’ll be able to experience the most primitive, exciting battles!

☆☆Fierce collision between ancient creatures and primitive warriors. Various dinosaurs, ancient beasts and Warriors are waiting for your commands! ☆☆
✔Barbarians, bearing bloodlust instincts. Who flinches not, even when confronted with Behemoth, is the pride of the clan!
✔Slingers, ingeniously throws stones with a collocation of high damage and dexterity, capable of taking out all obstacles in battles.
✔Dinosaur Riders, mounted with high-speed dinosaur, armed with battleaxe and flocks of arrows, brings only death to its opponent.
✔Ancient Behemoth, from small wild boar, giant mammoth to triceratops and various ancient creatures will blow your imagination!

Stone Age Studio
Official Customer Service Email:
Official Facebook Fans Page:
Customer Service- Assistant (Assistant always at your side)
1: Optimized the interface of chief details: changed new background and effect.
2: Optimized VIP feature: added notification when level up.
3: Optimized for the Arch-chief: added distinctive avatar frame.
4: Optimized the interface of clan member: added “Mail” button to directly send mail.
5: Optimized the entrance of MOD: you can contact with MOD directly throughout the entrance.
6: Optimized the effect when unlocking troops: the troop level will be more evident.


Survival Mobile:10,000 BC 0.1.799 APK Download Free Latest Version – YottaGames | ADMINAPKNEW | 4.5

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