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Princess Cherry Anime Care and Makeover Tea Party 1.2 APK Download Free Latest Version Funtasplay Free Games and Apps
Apk Name : Princess Cherry Anime Care and Makeover: Tea Party
Version : 1.2
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : Funtasplay Free Games and Apps
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Description of Princess Cherry Anime Care and Makeover: Tea Party :

Princess Cherry needs your help preparing herself for Tea party in this cute anime Care and Makeover Game!

In this wonderful afternoon in Princess Cherry’s magical Kingdom, help the beautiful and Cute Princess Cherry be a star in the Royal Tea Party with other princesses! She needs everything to be perfect, clean and beautiful before princesses from neighboring countries are arriving to her magical castle!

☆Clean Princess Cherry’s Room ☆
Cleanliness is a must-have quality even for a Princess! So help Princes Cherry in cleaning the room in her Magical Castle! Clean every inch of the room by putting all the toys, picture frames, and furniture in the proper place. Don’t forget to pick up all the garbage and put it into the recycle trash bin! After everything is done, sweep the room clean so ensure the room is sparkling clean!

☆Help Princess Cherry take a Shower ☆
After everything in the castle is sparkling clean, now it’s Princess Cherry’s turn to clean herself. Brush Princess Cherry’s teeth to keep it white, clean and beautiful! After that, Help Princess Cherry clean herself by showering, putting soap on her body and shampoo on her hair. Don’t forget to rinse every soap bubble after you clean everything! Help Princess Cherry dry herself by handing her the royal towel! And now she is clean, and ready to go!

☆Do a complete dress up and makeover on Princess Cherry! ☆
For this Royal Tea Party, Princess Cherry have to look her absolute best! Pick the best blush on and colorful contact lenses! Pick the most glamorous royal dress and accessories from the royal wardrobe! Then help Princess Cherry pick the most elegant and beautiful jewelry from the royal treasury and heirloom. Give her a fashionable glove, the most up-to-date and luxurious handbag, and Princess Cherry is ready for the Royal Tea Party!

☆Help the chef on What to Serve at the Royal Tea Party! ☆
The princesses and guests are coming in! Help Princess Cherry and her royal chef prepare the party by picking the most suitable cooking and drinks for the individual guests! Choose from 10 delicious and yummy food choices and 10 refreshing and colorful drinks prepared by the royal chef. Choose from fruit juices, all kinds of tea, hot beverages and colorful cocktail options for drinks. Select all kinds of yummy food options, from pizza, pancakes, donuts, hamburgers, puddings, tarts, and more!

☆Enjoy the Royal Tea Party! ☆
Congratulations! You helped Princess Cherry in her Royal Tea Party! Now all that’s left is to enjoy the Tea Party! Eat delicious food and refreshing drinks with friends and the princesses!

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