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Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game 3.01 APK Download Free Latest Version Lory Hidden Object Games
Apk Name : Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game
Version : 3.01
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : Lory Hidden Object Games
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Description of Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game :

Find enchanted castle in the mountains and search for the lost evidence from the Middle ages that hide dark secrets. But watch out! It is full of ghosts that don’t like to be disturbed. Your mission is to go through all the rooms and find missing objects and leave this place before they get you. Play Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game with levels and enjoy the most thrilling adventure you have ever had in your life. This is a fabulous seek and find hidden object game that will lead you to the darkest period of our history and make you have an unforgettable playing experience.

🏰 More than a 1000 hidden objects!
🏰 Translated into 15 world languages!
🏰 Castle games with levels!
🏰 Zoom in/out feature for all devices!
🏰 Fantastic music and sound effects!
🏰 Mini-games among hidden items!

✨ Hidden object game levels:


🎀 HOW TO PLAY Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game? 🎀

Follow Richard’s instructions and start a new mission! Find hidden objects in the picture written on the cards below. Click on the “light bulb” button when you get stuck to use help. Find hidden figures when you are given a picture or a silhouette and search for missing items hidden in anagrams. Use a flashlight for a night mode. There is a special level as a time limit game, where the timer brings a dramatic moment to the game. Play other mini games for brain that will entertain you for hours like find the difference, match pairs and puzzle games.

Find secret castle in the jungle and have fun searching for hidden objects!

Let this hidden object finding game free download be on top of your list when it comes to concept and graphics. It sharpens your eyes, improves hand coordination and concentration as you work your way from world to world. Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game full version 2018 is fun to play. The seek and find hidden figures game may look simple affair of clicking objects but our mini-games add enough variety to the mix to keep the game from being just an ordinary object searching game for girls and boys.

The most thrilling castle escape mission 2018! Play hidden object puzzles free!

Find the hidden objects from the messy rooms, around the iron throne and run from this cursed castle immediately. You need to discover the darkest secrets of the mystery society that lived here. So enter this ancient castle, search each room for clues, pick hidden figures and solve the criminal case. This is the city of lost souls, find out what really happened here centuries ago. Maybe someone enchanted them because of the cursed gold and gemstones that were told to be hidden in the stone walls. Have you heard about the ghost castle jewels legend? Find hidden treasure and break the spell. Play Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game with levels free download and join the millions of players that enjoy this unforgettable adventure.

Start the castle quest, spot clues and use your hidden object skills to find the truth!

Enjoy thrilling hidden object episodes! Train your brain with various mini-games for concentration that are a part of this magnificent medieval story about the enchanted castle heroes. Find the difference between pictures, solve the puzzles and exercise your memory with amazing brain game with cards. Download Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game full version free 2018, find missing items in the messy rooms of the old castle. Enjoy playing this fabulous castle war game for adults with magnificent graphics and sound effects and have an unforgettable gaming experience!
Minor improvements for better object searching!

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Have fun searching for missing items for free!


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