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Grand Street Girl Fighting – Anime Hero 1.0.8 APK Download Free Latest Version Grand Tap Studio
Apk Name : Grand Street Girl Fighting – Anime Hero
Version : 1.0.8
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : Grand Tap Studio
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Description of Grand Street Girl Fighting – Anime Hero :

Do you possess the skills to become the undisputed fighting champion? Have you got passion for hand to hand combat?
Brace yourself fighter! Because you are gonna engage in aggressive contact combat with stubborn rivals in this action packed street girl fighteing game.
Featuring moves from various fighting styles: Kungfu, Karate and ninja etc.
Use crusher strike such as ground punch, ground pound, wraith-blast and thorn-rise to clear waves of extreme rival gangsters in this battle royal.
Best street GAME fighting app demonstrating girl and lady fighters.
Get ready fighter! The quest has begun! Your mission is to fight off all gangster rivals, mafia, crime gangs, hooligan, bruiser, racketeer, and crooks, defeat the bandits and villain bosses, in street battle, Anime brawl, quarrel, dispute, avenue conflict, alley combat, clash, war, tussle, duel, feud and skirmish. Goons have taken hostages, liberate them. Demonstrating fantasy world of science fiction.
Want to be a superhero, master, warrior king and extreme wrestler? Practice as a professional fighter & master, be the savior! Accept the challenge. Moves from all fighting styles & martial arts: karate, ninja, kungfu, krav maga, muay thai, aikido, boxing, sharingan, kickboxing, Capoeira, Lethwei, Sanshou, Savate, mma, jujitsu, taekwondo, be the samurai warrior, Jeet Kune Do, Keysi, wing chun, tontatta combat, contact combat, wrestling & judo.
Evolve as a superstar or hero, Wrestle your way through the streets. Get into daredevil thrills.
Fighting championship tournament has begun!
Bullies will destroy you, fight back and arise as the ultimate champion killer, don’t lose spirit, engage in fierce and dangerous fighting revolution, finish the terrorists, kill all brutal assassins, bring all savages down, you are the avenger, Its vengeance time. Take on a deadly fight, strike with power, and smash them, whack’em. Become the boss in the ring and charge like a fighting tiger. Exercise, Practice & Undergo training with master trainer. You are one of the old school legends. Some thugs are coming from the club, police has run away. Collect diamonds from the outlaws. You don’t have any sword. The city wants all mobsters dead. A chain is as strong as the weakest link.
Prepare yourself fighter! Deliver combo, uppercut, kick, punch, knuckles, spinning hook kick. Block attacks. Land blows. Use body lock takedown technique. One of the trending games, free game. Gain a competitive edge. Establish that you belong to a formidable league. Beat like an elf.
Remember someone what an extreme fighter he was! Hit with speed and power, knock them out and turn into a ruthless, merciless, powerful, ferocious, shadow warrior. You can play online and offline.
Do you have the strength, stamina and endurance to fight in the ultra-fearsome streets? Get into a real fight and prove your mettle, courage, bravery, guts, grit & valor.
This is a new high quality video game.

• Exceptional Street Girl fighting game exhibiting awesome graphics and sound
• Showcasing 4 different habitats: temple, urban and futuristic arena
• Splendid fighting characters
• Challenging rivals
• Number of levels
• Impressive fighting moves with special effects
• Use weapons to attack: knife, baseball bat and gun etc.
• Addictive play, keeps you hooked for hours!

Why should you choose it?
• An excellent action loaded amusement free of cost
• Kill time while being engaged in an adventure filled fighting experience

• Walk using simple joystick controls
• Tap buttons for actions : punch, kick, jump and block
• Landing a punch three times in a row will trigger uppercut combo
• Tapping a kick three times in a row will deliver a spinning hook kick
• You can also attack while jumping

• Use block option frequently to dodge attacks
• Break objects such as wooden boxes and drums to get health and weapons
• Apply crusher strike when dealing with hard gangsters or their groups.

Bugs Fixed
Strategy Updated
New Features Added


Grand Street Girl Fighting – Anime Hero 1.0.8 APK Download Free Latest Version – Grand Tap Studio | ADMINAPKNEW | 4.5

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