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Exoplanets Online 0.2.8 APK Download Free Latest Version Null Reference Games
Apk Name : Exoplanets Online
Version : 0.2.8
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : Null Reference Games
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Description of Exoplanets Online :

Short Summary –
Exoplanets Online (EO) is cross between a space MMO and a 4X Economy Game.

If you’re wanting constant fast paced action this probably isn’t the game for you.

The game is chill on purpose. It’s about growing your galactic empire over a long period of time, and designed around being picked up for a while then put back in your pocket since credits and resources continue being harvested offline.

In the fleet battles, ships automatically fire at targets with most weapons. The player can bring up to 6 on-demand abilities such as Tactical Nukes or EMP to add a bit of strategy to the battles.

Plot –
In the year 3045, Earth is attacked by an extraterrestrial fleet that completely overwhelms Earth’s planetary defenses. The player takes on the role of a corporation that escapes Earth with an FTL capable vessel and sets a course for a habitable Exoplanet.

The ultimate PvE goal of the game is to build up an economy spanning dozens of Exoplanets and build a large enough fleet to retake Earth and the rest of our home system from the alien menace.

Chat, Trade, and PvP with other players –
The Star Map has 300 open PvP stars that are shared by all players, with home systems being separate from the Star Map and safe from other players.
Once you venture to stars on the Star Map you’d better be ready to defend your territory!

Fleet to Fleet combat supports up to 24 ships per battle in a mobile friendly 1v1 left vs right format.
Just about every planet starts out with pirates around it so you almost always have something to fight.

Price, Ads and Micro-transactions –
All content will be available to all users without paying a cent. Forever.
EO is free to play, ad free for all, and uses the least invasive micro-transaction system I can think of.
Micro-transactions can buy one thing: Time Crystals.
Time Crystals can be used to skip building and repair timers, which means the only advantage gained from buying micro-transactions is saving time or selling the ability to save time to other players for Credits.
Build Timers are never crazy long forcing you to buy time crystals either, they are usually around 5 minutes, up to 1 hour for the ultimate ships.
Time Crystals will also be available in small amounts from normal gameplay and can be bought/sold from players.
As long as the above micro-transaction system generates enough on it’s own I’d like to keep it ad free for everyone, since I really hate ads.

Development and Ethos-
EO is a work in progress created by one person. Started Jan 2018. I will be working on polishing existing systems and fixing bugs all the way up to implementing new content and core features. Most of the profits generated from micro-transactions will go right back into further developing the game.
I come from a PC background, and I actually hate most phone games.
I have strived to not just create another copy-pasted 2D mobile game where you pay to win. I want near PC quality graphics, and I want true Sci-fi, I don’t want to dumb things down to appeal to the masses. My goal isn’t to make a Sci-fi “clash of” game, my goal is to make a mobile game with the intricacies of a PC game.
It’ll probably take awhile to get EO to where I want it, but I see lots of potential in the project and plan on seeing it through.

Performance Note –
EO was created with graphics taking priority over older device support. It uses high poly ship models and 4k textures to be as beautiful as possible. With that being said there isn’t a whole lot going on in space and the game is pretty well optimized so it should run fine on most devices 5 years old or newer. If the game does lag, you can try turning off “Beautify” (Post-Processing) in the in-game settings. It just won’t look nearly as beautiful…

Have Fun!
Ship Building timer fixes.
Building production pause button added.
Reset password option added.
Delete Account option added in settings.
Planet lighting and sunsets improved.
Restore building slot’s surface/deep resources for 2 Time Crystals button added.
Storage Full warning icon added.


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