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CryptoCoin Inc. – Idle clicker game Beta 1.22 – 309 APK Download Free Latest Version WexGames
Apk Name : CryptoCoin, Inc. – Idle clicker game
Version : Beta 1.22 – 309
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
By : WexGames
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Description of CryptoCoin, Inc. – Idle clicker game :

One day you leave your home and decide to start the adventure with cryptocurrencies in the barn next the your house.
Become a multimillionaire by upgrading your mining rig. Expand your empire to finally earn currencies in space!
Take up the challenge and discover 3 worlds and purchase 15 different mining rigs. Develop each of them, buy capacitors, better contracts,
catch mice and open boxes to earn extra cash. Become king of cryptocurrencies!

How to play:
⚡ You grow earnings of your mininig rig simply by tapping.
⚡ When you earn more currency, you can buy more upgrades.
⚡ More upgrades gives you more earnings!
⚡ You can earn additional standard and premium currency by catching mouses and opening boxes!
⚡ Game still makes currency even if you don’t play for a few hours.

What’s great about CryptoCoin, Inc:
✅ A lot of people are interested in cryptocurrencies.
✅ It is not hard to get free premium coins!
✅ Multiple environments!
✅ Prestige function!
✅ Lot of achievements with rewards for completing it!
✅ Not obtrusive ads. You are watching them if you want.
✅ Google Play Game Services Leaderboards / Achievements and Cloud Save so you never lose your progress!

Multiple playstyles:
◽ Active: Tap power button and produce watts and currency!
◽ Passive: When you are not in the game for a few hours, you earn currency.
◽ No internet: Most functions work without internet connection.

Future updates will bring new things and other languages support!

Are you bored with other incremental (clicker) games and would like to try something different? Try CryptoCoin, Inc!
The game is regularly updated and new functionalities will be added.
Help me make this even better, leave feedback to!

If your device has a performance problem, you can reduce the graphic settings in the game options.
Loading a game save after reinstalling or using a new device is available in the Main Menu > Google Play Games > Load Cloud Save

Good luck in tapping!

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Want to write something about game?

The game is a simulation and has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency.
CryptoCoin, Inc. ©WexGames 2018
v 1.22
– Economy balance fix


CryptoCoin, Inc. – Idle clicker game Beta 1.22 – 309 APK Download Free Latest Version – WexGames | ADMINAPKNEW | 4.5

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