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Commando Adventure Surgical Strike 1.0 APK Download Free Latest Version Habro Games Studio
Apk Name : Commando Adventure Surgical Strike
Version : 1.0
Requires Android : Android 2.3.2+
By : Habro Games Studio
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Description of Commando Adventure Surgical Strike :

Commando Adventure Surgical Strike is a thrilling commando shooting game and sniper shooting game with a lot of fun and adventure. Enjoy to play the most elite commando demanded being a spy commando and be ready for the real breathtaking venture. Rival fire fighter face the extreme commando war while surviving in the deadliest desert, snowy, jungles and deep forests. Commando missions start to use your real war 2018 and special gorilla deadly commando skills to cope with all the troubles and show your extreme sniping super powers to win all the stealth wars and show that you are special agent. Face as one man army to do multiple jobs being a new spy ssg commando. Military commando disable the watch tower security by using your sniper guns and then breach the base camp silently. Last commando use the stealth movements and avoid any direct conflict with enemy soldiers to complete the spy mission without any trouble. Ready to cover fire and metal survive gear new rising act like a secret agent with sniper shooting skills you will forget all other secret agent games. World war is start. Terrorist is to much trained. You are a survival of this clash because you are SWAT real killer and ready to counter them. No doubt your contract is assigned.
Commando Adventure Surgical Strike allows you to boost your igi commando and sniper shooting skills by giving you an access to the latest and modern assault guns. US army ranger contain dozens of strategic missions in this world battle combat game. Soldier games have to complete all missions to become number one.You have a sniper rifle and pistol as your side arm in every task of this frontline warfare best game 2018. Here single sniper use automatic radar system which is provided to facilitate you trace exact location of your shot fire and undercover boss enemies. Real commando have to follow that Radar to find out enemies. Deadly enemy commando shooter hidden in jungle, mountains can attack on you at any time and your little ignorance can lead you to death. Are you ready for alliance battle, new black commando skill and free army training?
Commando Adventure Surgical Strike are assigned with a commando war missions to hunt down the enemy soldiers and bring them to justice. As Fps modern shooter 2018 you are the only captain who can be a real warrior modern commando shooting in this crazy action war. Use your frontline sharp commando fury skill to load your guns and turn the base into battlefield to save your land from this terrorist deadly IGI strike. You are last survival on this modern combat actions game 2018.
Commando Adventure Surgical Strike is army sniper game. Enemy sniper new assassin is to clever so use the satellite radar navigator and detailed computer map to locate the enemy hideouts. Find out underworld deadly empire so just sneak past the enemy patrols and take the stealth walk without alerting the enemy sharp shooters. You ara battle simulator games player and you have multiple weapons at the same time. 3d commando war 2018 use the sniper telescopic zoom to take long range deadly gun shots and the fantastic assault rifles for the close modern range combats. Shooting games is now start. Real gangster strike mission allows to gear up and brace yourself for the most realistic gun battles for the first time in real 3D mode and enjoy this army commando real sniper shooting for free.
Commando Adventure Surgical Strike is now available on google play store. kindly feedback us through comments, stars and review.

-Select your favorite military weaponms
-Deadly army battlefield and realistic environments
-ww2 (machine guns, AK-47, M-16, G3, rifles, shotguns, assault pistols, sniper guns)
-Lovey great graphics
-Amazing realistic weather conditions
-Super Intense battle guerrilla force scene and challenging missions
-Different war zones
-Fast running and walking sound effects
-Enjoy to Aim to set the target now


Commando Adventure Surgical Strike 1.0 APK Download Free Latest Version – Habro Games Studio | ADMINAPKNEW | 4.5

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